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One quick way to make more money in your design business

One quick way to make more money in your design business

It’s no secret that when you’re running your own creative business, time equals money. It’s also no secret that when you run your own business you often have to wear all the hats, all the time, which can make that whole time=money thing tricky. These two truths mean that finding ways to work smarter rather than harder is imperative if you want to start increasing both your productivity and your pay. A $1000 project looks quite different if it takes you 1 hour to complete it vs if it takes you 10 hours to complete. Be the 1 hour kind of designer. Read on to see how using Mosaic’s curated free image packs can help shave hours off your project time, freeing you up for either more projects (which equals more income), or for more of doing what you love. Win win in our book!

Photo research can be a black hole

Simply put, there are literally millions of free stock images out there in the world, and while the filtering and AI suggestions on some of the larger sites like Unsplash and Pexels are good, they can’t take into account things like brand aesthetic, vibe, or mood. This means that if you run a search for something like “self-care” or “woman on computer”, you’re going to get a huge search result riddled images that will have nothing to do with your brand or what you’re searching for. There will be good stuff in there too, don’t get me wrong, but scrolling, filtering, and running multiple searches to get what you need takes time, which, like we said, eats into your profit.  

This is where Mosaic comes in

You found us, you know us, you like our style—authentic, gritty, and always gorgeous—just like your brand. This makes us an easy go-to design resource that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Instead of painstakingly finding images that match your style and your content needs one by one across multiple different stock photo websites, you now have an indispensable design resource where you can get entire collections of already-vetted, already-curated, hand-picked-to-be-cool images in one fell swoop. 

mosaic before and after search results 

No more sifting through cheesy “smile at the camera” poses, inauthentic scenarios, or off-target subject matter. Just gorgeous free stock images for websites, social media, and all types of creative projects that you know will be on-point every single time. For less than the cost of lunch, you will yourself several hours of photo research time over the span of a single project. And like we said at the top: time=money. So get browsing! 

Check out all of our collections here (you can even browse by vibe, by color, or by subject), and if there’s something you’re searching for that you’re not seeing on the site, let us know! We’re constantly growing our library. Can’t wait to see what you create!

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